This past weekend heather and I visited santorini. It was an amazing island that was home to amazing views and extremely tough hiking. The first day we were there we walked from the town Firra to Oia, which is about 9.8 km. the hike was through the mountains and offered the best view of the caldera.  The caldera is the part of the island that is built on a rock cliff and is encircling a volcano.

The second day we were there it was Greek Easter. We took a day trip down to perissa beach, which is a black sand beach along the entire south coast of the island.  The entire walk took us close to 4 hours. The walk was interesting because the beach was lined with taverns that were roasting entire lambs on a spit right in front of their entrances. Apparently this is more appetizing to Greek people than to Americans.  We ended the walk with a stop at a Greek coffee shop, where we saw families sharing baskets of hard boiled Easter eggs.

When we attempted to catch our bus back to Imerovigli, we encountered a quite strange tradition. At our bus stop there was a track suit filled with sand that was being hung from a wire. Then about 20-25 men showed up with shotguns and opened fire on the suspended track suit until all the clothes were gone and the wire was snapped. The entire event took about 30 minutes and was pretty scary. The men were shooting towards the beach and over a restaurant, I couldn’t help but think that there had to be countless accidents every year.

Finally, heather and I took a tour of the active volcano and it’s hot springs. It was pretty interesting and a good way to end the trip. There are several sites on the volcano where you can see and smell steam that is rising up. I would recommend it to anyone going to santorini.



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