End of week three at the hospital and not much has changed. Today the Turkish student actually showed up, but it was at 12:30 and she left at 1 pm. While she was at the hospital all she talked about was going out on the town. I think it is interesting that many international students act this way. I think it is because of the age difference. Many of them treat medical school how American students treat their undergraduate education. One doctor told me that he believes the age difference and maturity levels between American students and international students is very noticeable.

For the end of my third week I thought I would stray away from the other students and the hospital and blog about living on Heraklion.  Living here is not the easiest thing, but I can’t complain comparing my situation to other Ohio medical students. Heather and I are staying at the Talos apartments, where the term apartment is being used pretty liberally. We live in one room with a cot, sink, bathroom, and microwave/hotplate. The cot smells of sweat that did not originate from either heather or myself.  The bathroom has a make shift shower in the corner than can only be heated by activating a device called “thermatron”, which has one setting, boiling.  The toilet is also a problem because it successfully flushes once every 4 attempts and you cannot flush your toilet paper because of the sensitive pipes.  Instead you use a bucket next to the toilet, which has to be emptied daily for fear of smells.

The Talos apartments are also located in an alley way, which seem to be controlled by wild dogs. There is one dog in particular that seems to be the alpha male, we have named him Puddles.  

Overall, the living situation is not ideal, but the weather is nice enough most days that I should not complain. If any students are reading this blog and debating coming to Crete, I would strongly suggest finding a different place to stay.



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