The past few days at the hospital have been fairly normal. There are definitely some differences between the common cases in Heraklion and in America. I saw two patients with listeria monocytogenes meningitis and one patient with tuberculosis. The sanitary procedures here are also not the same. The only protection a person gets going into a tuberculosis room is a surgical mask, so I decided to not enter the room while we were rounding. 

I am now rounding with new residents every day. Even though it is the middle of the month, it seems that all the residents switched services after Easter.  The students have also returned, but most of them are in bad moods. One told me it was because they used to get two weeks off for Easter and this year they only got one. 

The international students are back as well. Jens, from Belgium, has been here everyday. The student from turkey had yet to show up, but has texted jens that she will not be coming in anytime soon because she does not feel like it.

We did get to see one patient in the orthopedics ward today, which excited me. It was a 90 year old woman with a right intertrochanteric hip fracture. They decided to treat her non-operatively, which I found odd. The fracture had an unstable pattern and was likely to never heal enough for the patient to walk again, increasing her mortality exponentially. The orthopedic surgeons did not tell me why they weren’t fixing the fracture. We managed her pain, gave her some antibiotics and discharged her.



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