Today was an interesting day. I spent the day with Dr. P inside of his personal office, seeing elderly patients. On average he sees about 6-7 elderly patients here and assesses their mental and functional status. These meetings usually take about thirty minutes and he asks the patients all kinds of questions, as well as their family members. It was interesting to see how many patients did not think that they had anything wrong with them, but their family members completely disagreed. One man scored a 16 on his MMSE and did not see why he couldn’t drive a car anymore.  Another patient got into a screaming match with her niece because she claimed that she could do all of her ADLs without a problem and the niece claimed that she hadn’t showered in weeks. I was inclined to believe the niece.

During these interviews I could not understand much because they were all in Greek, but Dr. P translated everything for me. The Turkish student was supposed to be there today as well, but decided to not show up again.  Dr. P told me that his practice has gotten a lot harder since the crisis of 2010 because no one can afford ancillary staff any more.  He has to take every incoming patients vitals and act like their social worker to make sure that they are being well taken care of. He says that it puts a lot more pressure on him as a doctor and does not allow him to see as many patients that he would like.



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