4/3/15 end of week 1

At the end of my first week I have taken many things away from this rotation. The topic I am going to blog about today is the differences between Greek/international medical students and American medical students.

First, the age difference is noticeable. I look far older than any of the other students. They only have 6 years of medical school after graduating high school, where as we have a minimum of 8 years.

Second, the post graduate education system is different. In Greece and turkey when a student is done with their 6 years they don’t start their residency right away. First, they spend one year as a primary care doctor, then they apply for residencies if they want to go into a specialty, it doesn’t seem to be mandatory.

Third, the white coat length. Greek students all wear long white coats in the hospital. I really seem to stand out wearing a short white coat.

Finally, the behavior of the international students is different than the Greek and American students. The international students often times leave in the middle of rounds to go grab a bite to eat or make a phone call. I personally could not imagine doing that in America without being yelled at. One of the international students also didn’t show up to work one day because she “didn’t feel like it.” I just thought that this nonchalant attitude was interesting because it is completely different than what I was taught.

Overall, there are many differences between the other medical students and American medical students. I really enjoy interacting with the Greek students because they are all nice and welcoming. They are always willing to translate Greek into English for me so that I never feel lost. I feel like they are more similar to American medical students than the other international students.



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