Today was my second day at PAGNI, the university hospital here in Crete. My preceptor is Dr. P and he is a very nice doctor. He takes time to translate everything that is being discussed into English so that heather and I can follow.  

There are several things that are different here when comparing them to the United States. For one, all of the medical students are younger than me because they only study for 6 straight years after high school. Another thing is that rounding involves our preceptor, the residents, and all of the students on service, which adds up to about 12 people. Finally, I’ve noticed that the patients have many smoking related illnesses. For example there was a patient today that had COPD and lung cancer because he had a 200 pack year history. That is the highest pack year history that I have ever seen.

Everything else on Crete is going well.  The language barrier and public transportation have been difficult, but we feel like we are starting to get the hang of it. 



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